DVDs - Part 2 (includes five discs) - Universal Version

DVDs - Part 2 (includes five discs) - Universal Version
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NOTE: The CoupleTalk program requires the use of  video and workbooks together:
  • Watching the video without a workbook will leave out crucial content.
  • Each participant uses his or her own workbook. (One couple will need two workbooks.)
In Part 2: Cracking the Code to Handling Conflict, you’ll build on what you learned in Part 1, to tackle those nagging issues, even the issue of nagging! You will learn – and use – practical tools to manage disagreements, handle strong emotions, and repair your relationship when it’s been damaged. During the video sessions, you will learn to work through a conflict from “start” (approaching your partner) to “finish” (practical solutions that satisfy both). As a result of CoupleTalk, you’ll have better communication, will feel closer to each other, and be able to resolve conflict faster!
  • Session 6: Getting a Grip ... On Your Emotions - Learn ways to keep things from getting out of control.
  • Session 7: Digging Deeper During Disagreements - Find real understanding ... even when you don't agree.
  • Session 8: Finding the Win-Win-Win - Follow practical steps for long-lasting solutions.
  • Session 9: Moving Beyond "I'm Sorry" - Discover ways to repair your relationship when there's been hurt.
  • Session 10: Making CoupleTalk the New Normal - Make healthy communication a way of life.

Includes five individual DVDs in a hard cover kit.

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