Complete Set - Universal Version, Online Streaming only

Complete Set - Universal Version, Online Streaming only
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The CoupleTalk Complete Online Set includes all that’s needed to do the entire CoupleTalk: Cracking the Code to an Amazing Relationship program as a couple.

  • Access to the Complete Online Library of CoupleTalk Lesson Videos (10 Lessons)
  • Part 1 Participant Workbooks (2 each).
  • Part 2 Participant Workbooks (2 each).
  • Flexibility to choose from four different session lengths.
  • Individual products price at $190 - Complete Couples Set is just $150 (savings of over 20%)

Note - when you purchase this product:

  • You'll receive an email with a link to access the password-protected online media.
  • Your workbooks will ship separately.



In CoupleTalk Part 1: Cracking the Code to a Deeper Connection, couples learn communication skills they can't love without!  In this 5-session series, couples gain healthy communication tools to get more connected with their partner, to feel more understood, and to continue growing closer. During the video sessions, couples have conversations with their partner using the practical CoupleTalk communication skills, while talking about safe and fun topics of their own choosing.  Each individual uses his or her own Participant Workbook during video sessions and for between-session homework assignments.

  • Session 1: Trading Places - See things from your partner's point of view
  • Session 2: Listening Fully - Learn what it takes to fully understand one another
  • Session 3: Expressing Yourself - Find out not only what to say, but how to say it
  • Session 4: Having a CoupleTalk - Discover the keys to a better discussion ... and a deeper connection
  • Session 5: Growing as a Team - Learn tips to stay close for the long haul
In Part 2: Cracking the Code to Handling Conflict, you’ll build on what you learned in Part 1, to tackle those nagging issues, even the issue of nagging! You will learn – and use – practical tools to manage disagreements, handle strong emotions, and repair your relationship when it’s been damaged. During the video sessions, you will learn to work through a conflict from “start” (approaching your partner) to “finish” (practical solutions that satisfy both). As a result of CoupleTalk, you’ll have better communication, will feel closer to each other, and be able to resolve conflict faster!
  • Session 6: Getting a Grip ... On Your Emotions - Learn ways to keep things from getting out of control.
  • Session 7: Digging Deeper During Disagreements - Find real understanding ... even when you don't agree.
  • Session 8: Finding the Win-Win-Win - Follow practical steps for long-lasting solutions.
  • Session 9: Moving Beyond "I'm Sorry" - Discover ways to repair your relationship when there's been hurt.
  • Session 10: Making CoupleTalk the New Normal - Make healthy communication a way of life.

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